Top 3 best apps for Self Care

Self care is a big trend right now, but I'm hoping it is not just that. Let's keep taking care ourselves mentally and physically. It's okay not to feel okay all the time.

If you don't know what self care means click here to read previous post.


Now that you've taken the first step towards achieving self care by opening this article, download any of these three apps below to help you feel and be your best.

That's what self care is all about...

    1. Headspace: breath in, breath out.

 With hundreds of mindfulness techniques to help us achieve the balance we've desperatly been craving, Headspace guides us through hundreds of guided meditation. You can choose between a 2 minutes long or 30 minutes long meditations. No need to worry about not having enough time. 

I personally use it to center myself in the middle of a stressful day... let's be honest, any day at this point.

Cost: $13 per month or $95 per year.

Download it here

2. ClassPass


This app focuses on working out which is a very important part of a healthy self care routine.

You can book any training: yoga, pilates, cardio, dance, meditation you name it! 
Super convinient if you travel a lot, have little time or just want to get out of your gym routine.

You choose the length of your workout (no one will judge... if you're home alone ha!), and you'll not only get the benefits of endorphins, but also a great sense of accomplishment by putting time aside to take care of you.

I love trying new things and this app is filled with different types of trainings. 

Cost: $13 per month, 2 weeks free trial

Download it here


3. Not an app, but a phone setting

A lot of taking care of ourselves has to do our mind. Most of our apps can be so draining if we don't pay attention to how much we're being exposed to certain things.

As always self care is about balance...

This Iphone setting if free and allows you to track the time you spend on your phone, and therefore track your mindset troughout your day.

self care iphone screen time settings(Photo credit:

When I first started using and checking this setting I was shocked by how much time I spent on my phone... I once managed to spend 5.5 hours on my phone in one day!

That's a part time job shift... Crazy but true. Don't judge too fast, you might be surprised by your numbers ha!

Don't have an iphone? You can download the QualityTime app.

Comment below the longest you've spent on your phone.

Cost: Free

Learn how to set it here 

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