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Self Care Recipe: Top 3 foods to reduce anxiety and stress

  We've all experienced some level of stress and anxiety in our lives. Some more than others... Wether you are facing tough times - an harassing co-worker with too much hate and time to waste, a lover that you no longer connect with, a devastating death in the family - here are a few natural remedies you can find in food. Self care has a lot to do with self respect. What does food got to do with it? Well your body is the home of your soul, your most inner thoughts... You protect your physical home with locks, security system etc... To protect what is inside. Well, it is the same with your body. Here is a list of...

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Top 3 best apps for Self Care

Self care is a big trend right now, but I'm hoping it is not just that. Let's keep taking care ourselves mentally and physically. It's okay not to feel okay all the time. Now that you've taken the first step towards achieving self care by opening this blog, download any of these three apps, to help you feel and be your best. That's what self care is all about. Read more...

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What is self care?

Self care is all about making small and purposeful efforts — and not necessarily doing things alone. Self care can look like blocking out time for a date with a partner, or planning healthy meals instead of reaching for sugary snacks. Setting those intentions can provide more motivation and pleasure and cut back on stress, worry, and for some people, irritability. Read more...

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